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The Line Between Peace and Chaos
We hold the line between Peace & Chaos. Everyday across Louisiana law enforcement officers do an exceptional job against extraordinary circumstances, long hours, and extreme conditions. Yet, we persevere and continue to do our job. With a Police Reform movement Nationally and in Louisiana we need to examine factual information not accusations. The Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police believes in our LEO's across the State who hold the line daily between order and chaos.

Defend The Police - National FOP Video - Spread the Truth
Some in the media and opportunistic politicians would have you believe the public supports defunding the police...That is a FALSE narrative and the FOP is here to share the facts with the American people! Please help us spread the truth!

Frontline Workers COVID-19 Hazard Pay Rebate Program
You may qualify if you earn less than $50,000 and were employed in one of the following positions on or after March 11, 2020 Nurses, assistants, aides, medical residents, pharmacy staff, phlebotomists, respiratory therapists, and workers providing direct patient care in inpatient and outpatient dialysis facilities. Housekeeping, laundry services, food services, and waste management personnel in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Long-term care facility personnel, outpatient care worke...

New Local Lodge Chartered!!!
Last night in Eunice the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police chartered it's newest local Lodge, Tri-Parish #60. This local Lodge will have it's home in Eunice and have membership from Evangeline, Acadia, and Saint Landry parishes. If you don't belong to the Fraternal Order of Police and want to join go to for more information and click on "How to Join".

All Things FOP July 2020
A MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL PRESIDENT PATRICK YOES Look into the faces of men and women willing to stand a fine line between order and chaos, across America today. I will tell you what you see... You see proud men and women who answered a higher calling of public service, You see disgust for the actions that have tarnished their noble profession. You see men and women who suited up and showed up. You see the face of dedicated police officers who selflessly reported for duty amid a global p...

Member & Officer of the Year
**Originally Posted MONDAY, 25 MAY 2020At its Biennial Conference, the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police recognizes a Member of the Year and an Officer of the Year. Each Local Lodge is requested to submit one candidate for Officer of the Year and one candidate for Member of the Year. The Officer of the Year Award is for those that have shown exemplary service or heroic actions that have brought honor and recognition to them or their Department.The Member of the Year Award is for those ...

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