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Thank you ...for supporting your Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police and our membership of law enforcement professionals throughout the state in our efforts to make Louisiana communities safer places to live and raise our children.

One group of law enforcement officers helps provide safety to one community. However many groups banded together are a powerful symbol of heroism, with one simple goal: exceptional service to the state you call home.

Founded in 1954 the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police has grown to over 6,200 active or retired law enforcement personnel who are members statewide, 97% of which are Louisiana residents. The members need your assistance to continue providing you and your loved ones with safe neighborhoods, towns and cities.

If you have questions about the validity of a solicitation please feel free to call us at 225-343-8367 and request more information about the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police.

By calling us we will be able to confirm your donation or if the phone solicitation that you received was from the LAFOP. We remind our supporters that it is “better to be safe than sorry” when making a contribution.

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Thanks for supporting the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police