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URGENT Action Needed Protect Qualified Immunity
OPPOSE HB 609 HB 609, “Qualified Immunity” has passed the House of Representatives and has been assigned to Senate Judiciary B. A date for the hearing in Judiciary B has not been set, but it is important that you take action NOW!!! Previous Voter Voice emails went to the House this is for the Senate. You can TAKE ACTION NOW by clicking this link and emailing your Senator, letting them know you OPPOSE HB 609.

Disaster Assistance
The Fraternal Order of Police provides assistance to members displaced from their home during a disaster.   The recent flooding in Louisiana qualifies for assistance from the FOP.   You must be a member in good standing and displaced from your residence.  For more details download the application found here. Completed applications can be emailed to [email protected].

🚨🚨 Legislative Grassroots Action Alert - Take Action NOW!!! 👮
The 2021 Legislative Session has arrived and Qualified Immunity is the most important topic for law enforcement this session. Take action now and click here to let your Representative know you OPPOSE ending Qualified Immunity. Forward this email to family and friends and ask them to take action. Police Reform Louisiana

Boulder King Soopers Shooting and Eric Talley
Brothers and Sisters,  Yesterday in Boulder, Law Enforcement was once again devastated with the loss of one of our Brothers, Officer Eric Talley. Ofc. Talley along with several of our Brothers and Sisters fearlessly and heroically responded to the King Soopers to eliminate a deadly threat to the citizens of Boulder. They did this knowing the threat to their own safety, and Ofc. Talley’s and the other officers and deputy’s actions undoubtedly saved lives by focusing the coward’...

Qualified Immunity: What you need to know
Qualified Immunity: What you need to know As the 2021 Legislative Session approaches, there will probably be no more important topic to law enforcement discussed than qualified immunity. While rhetoric and talking points surround law enforcement and the police reform movement make sure you know the facts about qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a court made doctrine aimed at stopping an onslaught of lawsuits against public servants’ actions in the course of their duty. While o...

🏛️ Louisiana FOP & Police Reform
Police Reform In Louisiana: Our Stance The 2021 Louisiana Legislative Session is just around the corner, with the new legislative Session the LAFOP will as always be at the forefront of representing law enforcement rank and file in Louisiana. The HUGE topic for law enforcement this session will be Police Reform. We were the only rank-and-file law enforcement organization representing the front line law enforcement officer during the Police Training, Screening, and De-escalation Task F...

Funeral Arrangements: Tommy Tizzard
The funeral services for Louisiana National Trustee Tommy Tizzard will be held on Friday, January 22nd at Garden of Memories Funeral Home, 4900 Airline Dr, Metairie, LA 70001. Visitation will begin at 10AM with a service to follow. Everyone must wear a mask and observe COVID-19 restrictions at the funeral home. Tommy was a long-time member of the Louisiana Fraternal Police Executive Board and a 32 year veteran with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, where he retired from the rank of ...

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