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2021 National Biennial Conference
The 2021 National Fraternal Order of Police Biennial Conference has come to a close in Indianapolis.  The conference convened on Monday and closed on Thursday.  The new National Executive Board was elected without opposition.   The Board is: Pat Yoes- President Joe Gamaldi-Vice President Jimmy Holderfield-Secretary James Smallwood-Treasurer Keith Turney-Sergeant at Arms Steve Weiler-2nd Vice President Rob Pride-Chairman of Trustees The delegates from Louisiana ch...

Looking into the Future
This week the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police hosted a digital meeting with Representative Brian Fontenot and Representative Mike Johnson.  We discussed the effects of the 2021 legislative session and the legislative outlook for the future, regarding law enforcement.   Check out the episode on YouTube or listen to the audio version on our CONNECTED Podcast.

To keep our membership informed about information relating to COIVD-19 the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police has developed this FACT SHEET to some commonly asked questions. This sheet was developed using information from the National Fraternal Order of Police Legal Counsel and our Louisiana State General Counsel, Donovan Livaccari. Can a public employer mandate that employees get vaccinated? Short Answer: Yes. Medium Answer: Yes, but they may have to accommodate an employee’s medic...

Your Health Matters
With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Louisiana we want to take time to remind law enforcement officers to make every possible effort to remain virus-free:  Practice social distancing when possible.  Being active police officers, this is virtually impossible much of the time. However, we should vigilantly and deliberately use protective gear and practice regular hand-washing and sanitation of our equipment while on duty. Uniforms should be cleaned daily. The firs...

The FOP & Education
Innovative training is one of the most important ways that a law enforcement officer can assure professional development.  Coming out of COVID-19 we, as other professionals have learned that training can be delivered in person and electronically.   While many officers prefer face to face training, because of the networking opportunities that it provides, expanding education through an online format allows officer growth.  LSU at Eunice with the assistance of Tri ...

Every Critical Incident is a Criminal Inquiry
Recently an officer involved shooting has resulted in an upcoming grand jury inquiry.  A deputy with the East Feliciana Sheriff's Office respond to a call around midnight on May 21 where a Mississippi man was killed.  Louisiana State Police said that the man, who was already out on bail from a Saint John the Parish incident where he pointed a gun at deputies there,  pointed a gun at the deputy in East Feliciana. Despite being cleared by the agency and the Louisiana Stat...

2021 Louisiana FOP Scholarship Application
The Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police will offer six (6) $500 scholarships to members of the LAFOP or a dependent of a member. The scholarship deadline is August 10. Recipients must attend enrolled or provide proof of admission to a post secondary higher learning institution. (4 or 2 year university or technical school only, no high schools) One scholarship, selected at random, will be awarded by each Region. Applicants can click here to complete the form to submit an application for c...

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