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Qualified Immunity, What you need to know
Click here to go to the members area to watch the new edition of FOP TV on Demand to learn more about qualified immunity. During the last session of the Louisiana Legislature a bill was introduced to eliminate qualified immunity in Louisiana, only for law enforcement officers. We expect this Legislation to be refiled in an upcoming special session. Know the facts about qualified immunity!!!

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NEP Connect OUR NEW Communications Tool
You have probably received an email asking you to join NEPConnect that looks like this This is the new communications platform that the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police is migrating is more efficient, secure and allows us to enhance our communications.Because of the recent political climate the Louisiana State Lodge felt it was necessary to move to a more direct and secure platform. It will allow us to email, website post, and text message when necessary to members.If you have d...

Here for Your Safety
Here to protect you...ALWAYS HERE !!! This weekend the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police will have digital billboards across Louisiana to show support for OUR law enforcement officers and members of OUR Communities.   #LaLEOVoice

FOP Letter to US Senate Leadership Concerning Sweeping Restrictions on the “1033 Program”
Dear Senators McConnell and Schumer, I am writing on behalf of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police to advise you of our opposition to S. Amdt. 2252, which will be offered to S. 4049, the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021.” The FOP urges members of the Senate to vote against this amendment, which would impose sweeping restrictions on an important surplus equipment program for State and local law enforcement agencies. The FOP has long supported the 1033 pr...

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The Line Between Peace and Chaos
We hold the line between Peace & Chaos. Everyday across Louisiana law enforcement officers do an exceptional job against extraordinary circumstances, long hours, and extreme conditions. Yet, we persevere and continue to do our job. With a Police Reform movement Nationally and in Louisiana we need to examine factual information not accusations. The Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police believes in our LEO's across the State who hold the line daily between order and chaos.

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